Why you should focus on your nanny resume

If you don`t know me yet , My name is Istvan, I am an author on The Nanny Embassy.

People often ask me what is the most important thing to have in order to get a nanny job.

I always say that the most important things are

  • motivation
  • experience
  • willingness to learn
  • love for children
  • knowledge


And it is all good and true but even if you have all of those above there is several things can block your path to success.

One of them is the nanny resume.

Following some simple rules and techniques can make a huge difference when we talking about your chances when someone is looking at your resume.

Here are some I wrote on The Nanny Embassy website.

They are easy to learn and apply and it worth to make those adjustments.

I made the same mistake at the very beginning and I struggled to find a nanny job at first and I realized my nanny resume can be blamed partially for it.


So don`t waste your own time! Go and create an awesome nanny resume!


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